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December 28, 2009

Overstuffed Room Syndrome: The Brown Couch Edition

I'm pretty sure that I've fallen prey to the Overstuffed Room Syndrome (which we will here-on-out dub: ORS).

It started with the couch.  Oh the couch. We bought it from Ikea to replace our eyesore "sky" (aka neon) blue futon.  The purchase of this leather 3-seater was our transition from "dorm" into "adulthood."  We were super excited about it, and I quickly got to accessorizing with some Etsy pillow finds! 

Well, I do still love the couch.  I may wish we had gotten more structured arm rests than our pillowed ones, but I'm not complaining much when I'm curled up and napping.  Here's the problem - I have NO idea what to put around the damn thing!  It's pretty big ( Width: 81 1/2", Depth: 37 3/8") and definitely takes up a chunk of the living room. 

Right now we have a hand-me-down wooden coffee table (which I just found on Ikea...so much for the "unique" claim of the Craigslist posting...)

We also have a white, plush arm chair (another Craigslist find) that is my second fave napping spot and so super comfy.  (It's like the one below, but even bigger, if you can imagine...)

So, we couldn't help but wonder (cue Carrie Bradshaw): What would you put with that couch?

Glass table?  Wicker? Or just paint the wall, stick a mirror up there, and hope for a big apt? 


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